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4 Mistakes of New Private Practices
Tue, 02/18/2020

It's easy to make mistakes when you strike out on a new business venture, and for mental and behavioral health practitioners, this is no exception.  Read on for 4 common mistakes new therapy practices make, and how you can avoid them.

5 Ways To Save Money In Your Therapy Practice
Tue, 02/04/2020

Running a behavioral health / therapy practice can be both expensive and time-consuming, but luckily there are a variety of options out there to help stretch your dollar further without sacrificing your quality of care.  Read on to see 5 easy ways to save money.

Understanding Social Anxiety In Your Clients
Tue, 01/21/2020

At one time or another, almost all people have experienced social anxiety-- that fear or tension felt when placed in situations which require interacting with others.  In this post, we will go over how to recognize the signs and symptoms of intense social anxiety in your clients, and the best approaches to therapy.

Custom Programming For Your Agency
Thu, 01/09/2020

Here at BHC, we provide a modern, sleek EHR/EMR for your Behavioral Health agency, whether you are a solo practitioner or work in a large team.  But what you may not know is we also provide custom programming for our clients!  Read on to find out all the ways we can help.

How To Use LinkedIn To Gain New Referrals
Tue, 12/10/2019

We all know that the professional social network, LinkedIn, is an excellent resource for connecting with colleagues.  But you may not realize it can also be a source for new referrals for your private therapy practice.  Keep reading for simple ways to up your LinkedIn game.

Private Practice Tips: Save Money by Sharing an Office Space
Tue, 11/26/2019

Starting a private behavioral health practice can be an expensive endeavor.  Between marketing, certifications, and upkeep, you can end up spending a lot of money.  But one area where you can save is on your office space. Read on to see how sharing your space may be right for you.

Do's and Don'ts of Starting Your New Therapy Practice
Tue, 11/12/2019

Getting your new therapy practice off the ground can be challenging, but Behavioral Health Connection is here to help.  This post goes over some tips to get you started, as well as some common pitfalls to avoid!