Mobile Presence For Your Practice? We Can Help!

Mobile Presence For Your Practice? We Can Help

Are you missing out on potential clients by not offering a mobile presence (responsive web site, app, etc)?  If so, Behavioral Health Connection is here to help.  Studies show that mobile visitors will quickly leave a web site if it is not mobile-friendly.  Read on to see how we can help you bring in more clients through their mobile devices.


The Mobile-Only Landscape

As of the time of this writing, about 50% of people in the United States use a mobile phone as their only source for browsing web pages.  And as time goes on, that number will only increase.  If you don't have a strong mobile presence for your private practice (either through a mobile-friendly web page or even a mobile app) you will be missing out on potential clients.


Behavioral Health Connection Services

Luckily, BHC is here to help!  In addition to our secure and easy-to-use EMR/EHR to manage your billing, client records, etc., we also offer custom programming solutions, including the ability to design a new mobile-ready web site for your practice, and even create custom iPhone and Android mobile apps.


Contact us today for all the ways Behavioral Health Connection is here to help you succeed!

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