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5 Ways BHC Can Improve Patient Care
Tue, 07/09/2019

Behavioral Health Connection is a modern, secure, and easy-to-use software system for your Behavioral Health agency.  And through our exclusive software, we believe you can improve patient care, especially if you aren't already using any software system at all (known as an EMR/EHR).  Read more to see how BHC can save you time and let you focus on what matters most: caring for your patients.

Entering Notes and Assessments In The Field (With No WiFi)
Tue, 07/02/2019

Many therapists and counselors work with their clients "in the field"-- meaning, not in their normal office.  This could be a school building, the patient's home, a coffee shop, etc.  So how do you still use your online EMR/EHR system (like BHC Portal) when you don't have access to WiFi?  Keep reading to find out!

How to Protect Patient Records From Phishing
Tue, 06/25/2019

Thanks to the marvelous advances in computing power over the past two decades, most of our work is done through computers, especially online.  And while that gives therapists a much more convenient way to serve their clients, it also opens up possible attempts from hackers to steal sensitive data.  Read more about how to stop "phishing" in its tracks.

Tue, 06/18/2019

We all know that social media (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) is a vital strategy for finding new patients and expanding your practice.  But many therapists aren't sure how to get started.  Here are some of the top ways to use social media to help grow your private practice.

Should I Start an LLC, S-Corp, or Sole Proprietorship for My Agency?
Mon, 06/10/2019

Congratulations-- you've got your credentials, you've got the software (thanks to BHC!), and most importantly, you've got the drive.  Now you want to strike out with your own behavioral health business.  But how should you structure your business, and what are the benefits of the three most common options?  Read on to help discover your best approach: LLC, S-Corporation, or Sole Proprietorship.

How to Avoid HIPAA Violations
Wed, 04/03/2019

HIPAA can be a scary subject for conversation-- and for good reason.  Violations (as in, the sharing of Patient Health Information, or PHI) can carry stiff fines.  Let's explore some simple things you can do to minimize your risk of running afoul of HIPAA and staying compliant.

Important Considerations When Writing Assessments and Service Notes
Fri, 03/29/2019

It's always a challenge when trying to decide how much detail to put into your documentation, whether it's for an Assessment, a Goal, or a Service Note.  Do you write the bare essentials?  Or go for a much more thorough and detailed approach?  Here are some tips to consider.