Use LinkedIn To Gain New Referrals

Use LinkedIn To Gain New Referrals

We all know that the professional social network, LinkedIn, is an excellent resource for connecting with colleagues.  But you may not realize it can also be a source for new referrals for your private therapy practice.  Keep reading for simple ways to up your LinkedIn game.


1. Connect With Like-Minded Professionals

Find individuals with similar interests as you, or with interests in your field of work.  For example, if you want to work with school-aged children, try connecting with principals, educators, and counselors in the K-12 sector.  These professionals will then be more likely to provide you referrals when they are in need of behavioral health services for their students.


2. Write a Regular Blog Post

As we have mentioned before on this site, keeping up with a blog is a vital step which is often overlooked by behavioral health therapists & managers.  By keeping your web site frequently updated, search engines (like Google) will grant your site a higher rank in search results.

But when it comes to LinkedIn specifically, you should always post a link to your new blog posts (including a brief description or "teaser").  Encourage others to share the post.  This gives LinkedIn users a reason to subscribe to your profile, and keeps you in the front of their minds when it comes to referring new patients.


3.  Join Groups and Offer Your Insights

One of the best features of any social network platform is the ability to connect with groups of other people, to share ideas or just have conversations.  LinkedIn is no exception.  Find a group which is central to your niche or area of expertise, and post to it regularly with concise and relevant information.  This will keep you on people's "radar" should they ever need to refer a client to behavioral health.


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