How to Add Telehealth To Your Behavioral Health Practice

Improvements in modern technology have dramatically changed the way therapists can provide care.  One of the best examples of this is the advent of "telehealth", or, providing services to clients through video calls.  Read on to see how to incorporate telehealth into your practice.


Why You Should Use Telehealth in Your Practice

Telehealth provides therapy to clients when and where they need it most.  It is an excellent solution for patients in more remote areas, or patients who suffer from debilitating social anxieties which might prevent them from seeking help in a traditional office setting.

Keep in mind that while many insurance payers do accept telehealth services, not all do.  Make sure to check with a client's insurance provider prior to service.


How Does It Work?

Both parties-- the therapist and the client-- connect to each other via video chat (or sometimes, simply telephone chat).  This is easily accomplished with any modern smartphone or computer, so long as it has a camera.

After this connection, your session continues as it would if the patient were sitting right in front of you.  Video allows providers to read subtle facial expressions and non-verbal cues, and it allows the client to feel they have the full attention of their therapist.


What Software Is Needed?

There are various vendors which can provide this service.  Just make sure they are HIPAA-compatible.  A good example would be Zoom.  We use Zoom without Behavioral Health Connection for company meetings.  They also have a special Telehealth version as well.  Zoom very is easily installed by your clients on their iPhone or Android, or their computer.


Is Telehealth Compatible With Behavioral Health Connection?

Of course!  Since BHC Portal is a clound-based web application, and you can load it on any computer with an Internet connection, all of your patients' data and history travel with you.  Simply load BHC in one window, and your Telehealth application in another.

If you would like to chat, to discuss using Telehealth in your practice, contact us today!

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