5 Quick Prompts For Your Behavioral Health Posts

5 Quick Prompts For Your Behavioral Health Posts

As we have mentioned before, writing a blog or consistently posting to social media is a great way to increase your exposure, and possibly attract new clients to your practice.  But everyone gets writer's block from time to time.  Read on for 5 quick prompts you can write about.


1. Activities to Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are extremely common behavioral health issues, and people search for help all the time on social media and search engines.  Posts about this topic may help new clients find your services.


2. Mental Health Stigmas

This is another issue which is commonly discussed, and is no less important today than at any point in the past.  Men especially feel stigmatized seeking assistance with mental health.


3. Mental Illness Linked to Military Service

It is all-too-common for service members to experience anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of PTSD.  If your agency offers services to treat these disorders, make sure to write posts about it often, in both social media and on your website.


4. Post Your Own Story

Most behavioral health therapists and providers have some story in either their own past, or a loved one's, which intersects with their interest in mental health.  If you feel comfortable, tell your own story in a post.  This lets potential clients know that you have "been there" too, and can help them on their journey out.


5. Social Media and Mental Health

It may seem ironic to use social media posts to raise awareness of this issue, but many experts believe that social media sites like Facebook or Twitter contribute to negative influences on some individuals, either through heightened anxiety, bullying, or by causing depression from negative posts.  You may find that reaching out through social media posts might be just the way to reach such potential clients.


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