4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Therapy Practice

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Therapy Practice

As anyone who has started a private therapy practice knows, it can take a lot of effort to keep everything running smoothly, bring in new clients, and keep the ones you have.  So whether you are new to owning your own business, or have run your practice for years, read on for 4 simple tips to making your practice thrive.


1. Personally Greet Clients at the Door

Everyone enjoys the extra attention of being greeted, especially therapy patients for whom the experience may already be intimidating.  If possible, always try to greet your clients in the waiting room, and not just wait for the receptionist to send them back.  This will put them at ease, and leave a lasting impression of warmth and caring.


2. Keep a Clean and Organized Space

This is another tip based around putting the client at ease.  And a relaxed client is one who will return again and again.  A clean, clear workspace sends the message that you are organized and professional, and that all of your attention is centered on the client.

A great way to clear up the paper clutter in your office is to sign up for BHC Portal, our simple and secure patient records & billing software!


3. Invest in Your Practice Space

No one likes to spend money, but sometimes it is necessary to grow your business, and not just through marketing.  Does your furniture look outdated?  Maybe you should set up free WiFi for waiting patients?  Maybe you need a new part time staff member to help with organization?  Whichever area you need to invest in, always do so with an eye to client comfort and perception.


4. Reach Out to Colleagues In Your Field

Use social media to find other colleagues in your area, and schedule meetings and get-togethers.  The more you reach out, the more referral sources you may find.  This also includes outside opportunities, like school or university staff members who might send clients your way!

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